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Gunfire Support Craft – Western Task Force – After Action Reports

Gunfire Support Craft – Appui aérien

After Action Reports
Western Task Force

JUNE 1944

From: Commander Gunfire Support Craft – 11th Amphibious Force

It is not known how much air support was requested and used during the period the beach was being subjected to such heavy mortar fire.

But from the point of view of an observer off the beach, the destruction of tanks and craft along the beach by enemy guns not visible from the water, might have been alleviated by a bomb drenching operation, even if based only on an approximate location of the enemy batteries.

It is possible that this may have been done but, if so, it was not observed by personnel in my headquarters ship.


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Actualités de la Normandie

Commémorations du D-Day 2017

Commémorations du D-Day 2017

Calendrier des cérémonies, conférences, expositions et reconstitutions de camps militaires à l'occasion du 73ème anniversaire du débarquement et de la bataille de Normandie

Mur du Souvenir

Mur du Souvenir

Le Mur du Souvenir est un espace de mémoire en hommage aux vétérans de la bataille de Normandie qui se sont éteints.



Médiathèque du débarquement et de la bataille de Normandie : photos et vidéos d'époque.

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