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USS LCI(L) 409 – Omaha Beach – After Action Reports

USS LCI(L) 409 – Omaha Beach

After Action Reports
Western Task Force

JUNE 1944

From: Commanding Officer USS LCI(L) 409 (OMAHA BEACH)

Although the operation was postponed one day, troops aboard were becoming stale from having been aboard a vessel of this size from 31 May until 6 June. Before sailing for the assault, they had been aboard over five full days. It is recommended that all assault troops be embarked at as late a date as possible, before sailing, for obvious reasons – especially on LCI(L)s.

No beach markings and no marked channel through obstacles were seen. One person waving a “Queen” flag was seen and used as a guide by this vessel and by the LCI(L) 410. It is felt that we fortunately picked an area free of obstacles but recommend that beach markings be established when channels are cleared.

One of the greatest difficulties was found in getting to the beach from the line of departures. Several loaded LCT’s and small boats hindered movements. These craft were standing off the beach and it was necessary to weave our way through them to gain the shore. They did not know where to go or had been ordered to stand off and in so doing were blocking the approach for other craft.

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Actualités de la Normandie

George G. Klein – 2nd Ranger

George G. Klein – 2nd Ranger

Financez le retour de George G. Klein en Normandie aux prochaines commémorations ! Ce vétéran a escaladé la Pointe du Hoc le 6 juin 1944.

Mur du Souvenir

Mur du Souvenir

Le Mur du Souvenir est un espace de mémoire en hommage aux vétérans de la bataille de Normandie qui se sont éteints.



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