Wednesday, June 28, 1944

Wednesday, June 28, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

Operation Epsom continues east of Caen on June 28, 1944, while generals Rommel and von Rundstedt are in Germany, having been summoned by Hitler to discuss the current situation in Normandy. Their replacement, General Dollman, sees the tightness around the important Hill 112. He throws his last forces into the attack. Indeed, the 11th Armored Division headed towards Hill 112 by seizing the important crossroads along the Orne river.

The 2nd Battalion of the Argylls and Sutherlands Highlanders of the 15th British Infantry Division liberated the village of Gavrus on the right bank of the Odon river and seized its two bridges, while the 23rd Hussars liberated the town of Baron-sur-Odon, directly northwest of Gavrus, which is on the road to Hill 112, which is reached by the 8th Rifle Brigade and the tanks of the 3rd RTR in the early afternoon. The 44th RTR and the 2nd KRCC continue its progress to the village of Evrecy but it must retreat, following the counterattack of the 9th and 10th S.S Panzer division on the western British flank.
The 21st German Panzer Division attacked the British flank and many soldiers of the 159th British brigade were surrounded in the vicinity of the village of Mouen, north of Baron-sur-Odon and on the right bank of the Odon River.

But the counter-attack organized by General Dollman and aiming at recovering Hill 112 turns to the massacre for the German soldiers who have to retreat, following the heavy defeat imposed by the men of the 11th British Armored Division. The British immediately fell back on the left bank of the Odon. Terrified by this failure, General Dollman committed suicide on the night of June 28-29.

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