The Normans and the Allied air raids

The Normans under Allied bombings

Battle of Normandy

In April 1944, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sent a letter to the Supreme Allied Commander, the SHAEF, expressing concern about the collateral damage of the preparatory bombardments of operation Overlord along the northern coast of France. Several dozens of French civilians are killed during aerial operations aimed at opposing military objectives, which is also hardly accepted by the French National Liberation Committee (C.F.L.N.).

Norman civilians pay a very heavy price during the Battle of Normandy. Throughout the fighting, many of these anonymous people are killed in tactical bombing, mainly by forces fighting to free them. This debate was widely repeated during the war by the French collaborators working for Germany and pointing the finger at the so-called cowardice of the Allied forces.

What are the facts? What are the impacts of the bombing on cities and civilians in Normandy? This part of the D-Day Overlord website provides answers to these questions.

Image : Les Normands face aux bombardements en 1944