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WW2 US Infantry combat uniform

WW2 American infantry combat uniform

Battle of Normandy uniforms

Image : Tenue américaine de soldat d'infanterie

Elements of the WW2 American Infantry combat uniform

01 – M1 helmet
02 – M-1934 wool shirt
03 – M-1943 battle dress Herringbone Twill
04 – M-1941 wool pant
05 – M-1943 Combat Service Boots
06 – M-1938 gaiters
07 – Life preserver, belt, M-1926
08 – M-1937 belt
09 – M-1924 individual dressing
10 – M-1910 canteen
11 – Gas mask bag
12 – M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle
13 – Armband (not worn during the Battle of Normandy)
15 – French-English dictionary and presentation of French culture

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Wall of Remembrance

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