The history of Hill 112 in Normandy will be the subject of a film

The site of Hill 112 was the scene of fierce fighting in June and July 1944 between the Anglo-Canadian troops and the German forces.

November 4, 2017: The history of Hill 112 in Normandy will be the subject of a film
Author: Emile Fouda
Source: Freedom the Free Man

On several occasions, Prince Edwards personally came to represent the Crown at the commemorations of the 40 days of fighting that took place here. Gilles Osmont, president of the Odon-Cote 112 association, his administration team, his members of the intercommunity want to relocate to his “fair value” “the longest battle of the entire battle of Normandy, which she has lasted 100 days. This approach would be “a step of truth for future generations” but it is still “an opportunity to celebrate the final victory and especially thank our British liberators of the 43rd Wessex Infantry Division.” […]

The project

The project is based on an enlargement of the members of the association. Today, they are part of the community of communes. They are also British veterans and French witnesses likely to adhere to the message of both peace and memory. Perhaps, they think again, would it be necessary to take into account German members, who were the enemies of yesterday, “the other across the way”, the one who knew how to delay the capture of Caen as wished Montgomery and the ally plan?

The film will also recall that the village was destroyed to 90% and the survivors’ testimonies, the images of private individuals, the films of the families will be welcome to continue this work of memory started, 25 years ago. Today, the project is structured around the statue of the infantryman, the tank, the cannons, and the 112 trees, already planted and financed by the British veterans including Albert FIGG, the first of all … Eventually the Memorial of Cote 112 should assume its museum and memory mission while completing a historically determined commitment.

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