A Sherman tank to be inaugurated soon in Falaise – Normandy

The Sherman tank, recovered at Falaise in January 2017, should be placed in front of the Civilians Memorial by 2019. Before that, it will pass into the hands of the artist Jef Aérosol. Photo: Ouest-France

October 23rd, 2017: A tank in memory of civilians in Falaise
Article author: Marie-Madeleine Remoleur
Information source: Ouest-France

In January 2017, a Sherman tank from the Second World War landed in Falaise. A M4, model of 1943, weighing about thirty tons, lent free by the French Ministry of Defense to the community of communes (CDC) of the Falaise county.

Stored in the premises of the technical services of the city, it had to be renovated and then installed in front of the museum of the Memorial of civilians. “This tank is emblematic of the Second World War,” says Slim Hanachi, project manager for the community of communes. In Normandy, on the coast for example, as soon as we have a place of memory or a museum related to this conflict we have this model of tank not very far. But since the arrival of the tank, the project is paused. Not because of inactivity, but because it has evolved: “The project has been validated by the European Commission. It is now part of a device called “Interreg” that mixes several cities in Europe. The goal is the restoration of the maritime heritage of the Atlantic coast. The CDC will thus be able to count on 75% financing by Europe of the project envelope of around € 50,000.

With this rise in rank, the time is not in the immediate action, but the discussion with the various partners to know what will be done. “We have to think about everything,” says Pascal Pourny, vice-president of the CDC. Like its exact location in front of the Memorial or also its orientation. “

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