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June 6 1944 - D-Day in Normandy
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Daily Chronicle of the Battle for Normandy

Saturday, June 10th 1944


On June 10 the installation of the Arromanches and Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer artificial harbours begins. Other great facilities are achieved like the Bazenville airfield close to Bayeux and that of Cardonville in the South of Grandcamp and Maisy.

American troops continue their offensive in the North-West towards Cherbourg and South-west of the beach of Utah Beach, in direction of Carentan which represents a major objective for the Ally, being the crossroads linking the Calvados and Cotentin regions. The 506th regiment of the 101st Airborne is on the way towards Carentan, just like the 327th Glider Regiment which captures the village of Brevands in the North-West of Carentan. South of Omaha Beach, the troops of the 2nd American Infantry Division capture the localities of Trévières and Rubercy.

On Saturday, June 10, general Bradley (who has established his Headquarters close to the Pointe du Hoc the day before) meets general Montgomery at Port-en-Bessin.

The British forces still face bloody fightings to the North and the West of Caen and progress with many difficulties. The soldiers of the 51th Highlanders are located at the sides of the 6th Airborne Division to defend their positions near the village of Breville.

The Allies lost at the evening of June 10 nearly 15,000 men, killed, wounded, missing or made captive.


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