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Order of battle of the 11th Armored Division Battle of Normandy -

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June 6 1944 - D-Day in Normandy
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History the 11th Armoured Division

Normandy campaign order of battle

Commandant : Major General Evelyn W. Baker

70th Infantry Brigade
10th Battalion Durham Light Infantry
11th Battalion Durham Light Infantry
1st Battalion Tyneside Scottish

146th Infantry Brigade
4th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment
1/4th Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Hallamshire Battalion

147th Infantry Brigade
11th Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers
6th Battalion Duke of Wellingtons
7th Battalion Duke of Wellingtons

Divisional Artillery
69th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
143rd Field Regiment Royal Artillery
185th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
55th Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery
89th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery

Divisional Engineers

289th Field Park Company Royal Engineers
294th Field Company Royal Engineers
756th Field Company Royal Engineers
757th Field Company Royal Engineers
23rd Bridging Platoon Royal Engineers

Divisional R.A.S.C (Royal Army Service Corps)
460th Company Royal Army Service Corps
482nd Company Royal Army Service Corps
483rd Company Royal Army Service Corps
118th Divisional Company Royal Army Service Corps


Divisional R.A.O.C. (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
49th Ordnance Field Park Royal Army Ordnance Corps
49th Mobile Laundry and Bath Unit

Divisional R.E.M.E. (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
70th Infantry Brigade Workshop
146th Infantry Brigade Workshop
147th Infantry Brigade Workshop

Divisional R.A.M.C. (Royal Army Medical Corps)

146th Field Ambulance RAMC
160th Field Ambulance RAMC
187th Field Ambulance RAMC
16th Field Dressing Station RAMC
17th Field Dressing Station RAMC
35th Field Hygine Section RAMC

Machine Gun Battalion
2nd Battalion Kensington Regiment

Other Units
49th Recce Regiment RAC
49th Provost Company CMP
49th Divisional Signals Royal Corps of Signals

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