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Sherman "Crab" tank

History, technical details and pictures

Image : Sherman tank "Crab"

Sherman Crab tank history:

To support the infantry through the minefields on the ground operation in Europe and the Pacific, U.S. military engineers decided to modify their new tank, built from 1942, called M4 Sherman, which is not only used by U.S. forces, but also by the British, Canadian and Free French forces.

The M4 Sherman tank, which is by far not the best tank of the Second World War, used a basic structure which allowed the installation of a number of changes.

Thus, the "Crab" version emerged: it was a "mine hunter" which had two metal arms in front of the tank and connected by a cylinder. Around this cylinder, long strings touching the ground were attached.

In contact with anti-personal or anti-tank mines, the chains would action the explosion which would not destroy any part of the Sherman tank. The tank was than able to continue its mission within the minefield.

The Sherman "Crab" tank is one of the "Funnies", a nickname given to the armored vehicles invented by the British engineer Percy Hobbart.


Sherman Crab tank sheet:

Country creator/user: USA
Sherman Crab

Length: 6,06 m
Width: 2,62 m
Height: 2,74 m
Weight: 31 600 kg
Maximum speed: 40 km/h
Range: 160 km

Main gun: 75 mm gun
Secondary armament: one 7,62 mm Browning machine gun for the copilote and one coaxial 7,62 mm Browning

Engine: 5 petrol engine 6-cylinder Multibank Chrysler A57, 425 hp at 2850 rpm

Crew: 5 (1 tank commander, 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot and gunner, 1 radio operator and loader)

Shield: 50 mm front, 38 mm rear, 38 mm sides
Turret shield: 75 mm front, 50 mm rear, 50 mm sides - Reproduction is submitted to authorization - Contact the webmaster