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In 2003, then 16 years old, I had the idea to work on this website, in order to share my passion of long date: the Battle of Normandy. The Web seemed to me to be a privileged interface to learn and transmit, understand and discover. Thus I started to put on line the first pages of this website, helped for the design part by Axel Ronsin. The site represents today a true virtual memorial dedicated to those who fought and gave their life for an ideal which exceeded them.

Various reasons justified my decision to create an Internet site. The first among all is to pay homage to the veterans of the Unloading. Indeed, I was allured by the possibility of being able to present at the whole world the many heroic acts of these young soldiers, so that all the generations can remember and are able to draw some from the examples. Today, this site one of is visited France over the period.

To have such an important site poses problems of responsibilities vis-a-vis the History and to the Net surfers. The sources must thus be checked, the consulted witnesses. This work represents one of most important which is currently carried out. You will thus find the sources of the site in the part “Bibliography”.

For these last years, the expression “duty of memory” has not ceased being employed by the journalists, thus losing his true direction, a little with the image of the term “culture”, which we use in the same way. My duty of memory, it is to transmit the information checked as much as possible, so that the new generations are not placed on the bad way of knowledge. To want to know in the most precise way which is, it is the objective which taught me one of the veterans of the Unloading of Normandy, Maurice Chauvet, who unloaded on June 6, 1944 on Sword Beach with the 176 other French commando with the orders of the commander Kieffer. This worship of the detail can appear sometimes additional, but it is often rich in impassioned lesson, and roof all.

The DDay-Overlord site is interested in the Battle of Normandy on all the plans: the historical part, studies about video games or films in connection with the period, reports on the commemorations, pictures enabling you to discover Normandy of today through many photographs. One could believe that a historical event is written once and for all, but it is not thus. With the image of this site, which unceasingly gains in richness, the History is discovered new elements, new details, which can sometimes change many things. This site wants to enable you to plunge in the middle of the History, in order to better include/understand the event of June 6, 1944, which must be perceived not in this only day, in manner general practitioner, but during one broader time in which it fits, armed with all the possible details.

If debates animate the world of the historians of the unloading of Normandy, concerning the rediscovery of information or historical spaces, the DDay-Overlord site does not close any door. I am not satisfied to position, as much others do it. I try to find on the ground of the brief replies. Concerning the business of the battery of Maisy, lately rediscovery, I went on the spot, and I noted, observed, and discovered what little world had had the occasion to discover. And, whereas the largest majority of the historians and the creators of Internet sites over the period condemned the remarks of the owner of the places, I estimate that it is necessary to further go, to continue research, to encourage the owner of the places to maintain the memory this place too quickly forgotten.

If the History depends on those which write it, I refuse with any dogmatism. The belief is an engine to discover the truth, it is not the proof of the truth. And the top of my 20 years, there remains to me still well way to traverse to place on this site all information concerning the D-Day, but such is my ambition, and such is the future of this site. - Reproduction is submitted to authorization - Contact the webmaster