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MG (Maschinengewehr) 34

History, technical details and pictures

Image : MG (Maschinengewehr) 34

MG 34 machinegun history

Created in 1934 by the German firm Rheinmetall-Borsig, the heavy machine gun is considered as the first modern all-purpose machine gun of World War II, air-cooled. This weapon was designed by the German engineer Heinrich Vollmer working for Mauser Werke.

Used by the infantry in the early years of its production, it is used as an anti-tank and anti-aviation weapon. It was replaced by the MG 42, a greatly improved version of the MG 34, but the high cost of its production lengthend the life of the MG 34.

Easily transportable by a single soldier, its main shortcoming is its very high cost of production, both in terms of construction but also since it requires about 49 kilograms of steel.

The MG 34 was also used on airplanes, this version being called MG 81.

MG 34 machinegun sheet

User: Germany
Denomination: MG 34

Shooting mode: automatic
Caliber: 7,92 mm
Magazine: 50 / 250 bullets
Range: 600 m
Rate of fire: 800 rounds/min

Weight: 12,1 kg
Length: 1225 mm



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