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88 mm Pak 43 gun

History, technical details and picture

Image : 88 mm Pak 43 gun

History of the 88 mm Pak 43 gun

If Germany had been banned from building heavy guns in 1919, following the Treaty of Versailles, the arrival of Hitler completely changed the situation. He immediately ordered the construction of effective anti-tank guns.

Germany, through the Krupp armaments factory, has developped the anti-aircraft 88 mm gun which was delivered in 1933. Highly effective with an impressive rate of fire (up to 12 rounds per minute), the model was designed as being an anti-tank gun: it became the dreaded "88" which revealed itself as being one of the best anti-tank guns of World War II.

One of the most binding of the 88 mm cannon is about its transport. The Krupp plant received an application for an anti-tank gun of the same size but more easily transportable: a basis which had two steel wheels was installed. It adopted the name: Pak 43. This basis allowed the gun to adopt a low signature and to rotate 360 degrees. Its mobility was the best element of this weapon.

Krupp decided to modify the design of the gun tube, allowing a significant reduction of its weight. It has also changed the nature of the shells which endangered the gunners and the proper functioning of the gun, more sensitive to corrosion.

The gun Pak 43 was however an excellent artillery gun, and it had therefore equipped the latest German tanks of the war: the Elephant, Jagdpanther and the Royal Tiger.

Pak 43 88 mm sheet

Country creator/user: Germany
Name: PAK 43
Total production: 2,098 (from 1943 to 1945)

Caliber: 88 mm
Maximum range: 15,300 m
Maximum rate of fire: 6-10 rounds/min

Weight: 3 650 kg
Length: 9,20 m
Width: 2,20 m
Height: 1,73 m

Course: 360°
Elevation: - 8° to + 40°


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