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US M1A1 Carabine Para

History, technical details and pictures

Image : US M1A1 Carbine Para

M1A1 Carbine Para history

To cope with the the "blitzkrieg" German strategy, the U.S. military decided to equip their troops with a lightweight semi-automatic running mode rifle.

Several engineers have worked on this weapon, including David M. "Carbine" Williams. The Winchester company was responsible for making the M1 Carbine.

Its main performance lies in its weight (2.50 kg), allowing officers and radio operators to have a light and handy weapon. But its small size greatly reduces the lethal effect of its bullets.

The semi-automatic mode is also one of the strengths of the M1 Carbine, which was used during the Korean War and part of that of Vietnam.

The M1A1 Carbine Para, developed thanks to the USM1 Carbine plans, was designed for airborne troops since it was equipped with a folding butt.

F M1A1 Para Carbine sheet

User: USA
M1A1 Carbine

Shooting mode: semi-automatic
Caliber: 7,62 mm
Magazine: 15/30 bullets
Practical range: 300 m
Maximum range: 2010 m
Rate of fire: 30 rounds/min

Weight: 2,50 kg
Lenght with butt: 905 mm
Lenght with folded butt: 648 mm



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