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Hello, I am new to this site n forum, but would like to THANK YOU for this site keeping HEROES alive..I have been researching my Fathers Military service n have found it to be at times OVERWHELMING!! His name was Francis Xavier Cooney Co.B 26th Inf Reg 1st Inf Div.. He landed at Omaha Beach around 730 PM and was wounded on 06/13/1944 in or around Caumont, France. I find it VERY difficult to find medical info I>E> where he went in England to recoup, did he join his Co. later on, and why his discharge paper said supply clerk..SO many unanswered ??'s but with the help of sites like this the pieces are coming together SLOWLY..Never got to speak to him as he passed when I was 10. Family said he still had fragments of shell in him when he passed..I asked him once while he was shaving, Dad where did you get those marks on your back?? He looked at me and said go and play outside honey!! Well thats MY PASSION n Thank You All again... Sincerely Shawn Cooney

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Re: Hello

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Welcome to you
Kindly regards
Prosper ;) ;)

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