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For the first time since 1944 the 'Acme' cricket is available again. This little device which was carried by the paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division into France on D-Day June 6th 1944 was originally known as the 'No.470 clicker' by manufacturers J Hudson and Co Ltd of Birmingham England but quickly came to be called the 'cricket' by the troopers. ... 638Q2em122

After more than two years of hard work the cricket is being made once more. Not only that, they are being made by the original company, in the original factory, on the original machines and using the original dies.

These crickets are in fact original, they have just been made 65 years after the first batch! We have introduced two additional processes which will prevent these crickets from being passed off as original WWII items but they are hard to see and do not detract from the quality and authenticity of these well made, solid brass and spring steel beauties!

En résumé pour ceux qui sont brouillés avec la langue de Sheik Spire :
J Hudson and Co Ltd de Birmingham, fabricant original des acme crickets utilisés le DDay, reprend ses outillages et ses nomenclatures d'il y a 64 ans pour sortir.... le cricket "original" et contemporain...

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