Saturday, June 10, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

It was on the 10th of June that the artificial harbors of Arromanches and Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer began to be installed. Other major achievements include the construction of the Bazenville advanced landing ground (ALG B-2) near Bayeux and the one at Cardonville (ALG A-3) south of Grandcamp and Maisy.

US troops continued their offensive northwest towards Cherbourg and southwest of Utah beach in the direction of Carentan which represents a major objective for the Allies, being the crossroads linking the Calvados and Cotentin regions. The 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division is on its way to Carentan, as is the 327th Glider Regiment, which liberates the village of Brévands to the northwest of that city. South of Omaha Beach, the troops of the 2nd US Infantry Division liberate the towns of Trévières and Rubercy.

This Saturday, June 10, General Bradley (who installed his command post near the Pointe du Hoc the day before) meets General Montgomery in Port-en-Bessin.

The British forces still deliver bloody fighting to the north and east of Caen and progress with great difficulty. The soldiers of the 51st Highlanders are placed alongside the men of the 6th Airborne Division to defend their positions near the village of Breville.

The Allies lost nearly 15,000 men on the evening of 10 June, killed, wounded, missing in action or taken prisoner.

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