Friday, July 21, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

Operation Goodwood ends in the southwest of Caen. The British advanced only 11 kilometers while several thousand tons of bombs were sent to German positions. 3,600 men and 469 allied tanks were put out of action and the town of Falaise, which was one of Goodwood’s objectives, is far from being reached. However, despite reports of little encouragement, General Montgomery expressed his satisfaction. The Germans sent many tanks to the south-east of Caen, allowing the US forces to break south in the days that followed.

There is still no air support possible in Normandy, due to the heavy rains that fall on Normandy. The Americans are preparing to launch their big offensive, codenamed Cobra, and limit confrontations with German forces, who take advantage of them to try to refuel. The Germans are severely tried in the area of ​​Saint-Lô, and their incredible resistance to this city now brings serious problems because the troops are exhausted, and so is their ammunition. In anticipation of operation Cobra, which will begin in the next few days, when the rain has given way to good weather, the 8th Infantry Division is organizing numerous reconnaissances on 21 July east of Saint-Lô.

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