German artillery

Battle order – Battle of Normandy

The German field and naval artillery possesses in 1944 the particularity to be divided between the command of the terrestrial forces (Heeresartillerie) and that of the Navy forces (Marineartillerie). Indeed, the seaside coastal artillery batteries are for the most part under the responsibility of the Kriegsmarine. This system, which complicates the coordination between the artillerymen, explains why the order of battle of the German artillery is double.

Die Heeresartillerie

Artillerie-Kommandeur 118: Oberst Hamann (Command Post – CP: Château -castle- de Chiffrevast)

Artillerie-Kommandeur 474 (CP: Le Parc de la Mare)

Heeresküstenartillerie-Regiment 1261: Oberst Gerhard Treipel (CP: Le Poteau)
I./1261 (CP: Foucarville)
1./1261 : 4x 122 mm K390/2 (r): Oberleutnant Erben (CP: Saint-Martin-de-Varreville)
2./1261 : 4x 105 mm K331 (f): Leutnant Kattnig (CP: Azeville)
3./1261 : M.K.B. Marcouf
4./1261 : 4x 105 mm K331 (f): Oberleutnant Schultz (CP: Quinéville)

II./1261 (CP: Morsalines)
5./1261 : 4x 105 mm K331 (f): Oberleutnant Frantz Kerber (CP: Crasville)
6./1261 : 6x 155 mm K416 (f) (CP: Morsalines)
7./1261 : 6x 155 mm K420 (f) (CP: Gatteville)

III./1261 (CP: Gouberville)
8./1261 : 6x 155 mm K420 (f) (CP: Les Couplets)
9./1261 : 6x 105 mm K331 (f) (CP: La Pernelle I)
10./1261 : 3x 170 mm K18 ((CP: La Pernelle II)

Heeresküstenartillerie-Regiment 1262 : Major Hubert Otte (CP: Sotteville)
I./1262 (CP: Beaumont-Hague)
1./1262 : 6x 155 mm K416 (f) (CP: Auderville-la-Roche)
2./1262 : 4x 105 mm K331 (f) (CP: Biville)
3./1262 : 2x 203 mm K (E) (CP: Auderville-Laye)

II./1262 (CP: La Roche Coucou)
4./1262 : 4x 170 mm K18 (CP: Cap Flamanville)
5./1262 : 4x 122 mm K390/1 (r) (CP: Cap Carteret)

Heeresküstenartillerie-Abteilung 1255: Major Fritz Günther (CP: Blonville-sur-Mer)
1./1255 : 6x 155 mm K420 (f) (CP: Villerville)
2./1255 : 6x 155 mm K420 (f): Oberleutnant Sondam (CP: Mont Canisy)
3./1255 : 6x 155 mm K420 (f) (CP: Houlgate Tournebride)
4./1255 : 4x 105 mm K331 (f) (CP: Hennequeville)

Heeresküstenartillerie-Abteilung 1260: Major Paul Friedrichs (CP: Arromanches)
1./1260 : 6x 155 mm K418 (f) (CP: Riva-Bella)
2./1260 : 6x 155 mm K418 (f) (CP: Pointe-du-Hoc)
3./1260 : 4x 122 mm K390/1 (r) (CP: Mont Fleury)

Die Marineartillerie

Marineartillerieabteilung 266: Korvettenkapitän Hans von Martin (CP: Le Havre)
M.K.B Le Havre: 3x 380 mm KM35/36 (f)
M.K.B. Cap de la Hève: 4x 155 mm K418 (f)
M.K.B. St. Adresse: 4x 150 mm Tbts.L/45
M.K.B. Nordmole: 2x 105 mm SKC/32U
M.K.B. Zentralmole: 2x 75 mm SA09 (f)
M.K.B. Südmole: 3x 94 mm Vickers M39 (e)
M.K.B. Petrolhafen: 3x 138 mm KM24 (f)
M.K.B. Quai d’Escale: 2x 105 mm SKC32/U
M.K.B. Vasouy: 3x 150 mm Tbts.KL/45

Marineartillerieabteilung 260: Kapitänleutnant Karl Weise (CP: Cherbourg)
M.K.B. Longues: 4x 150 mm SKL/C36 – Oberleutnant Kurt Weil
M.K.B. Marcouf: 4x 210 mm K39/41, 1x 150 mm SKL/45 – Oberleutnant Walter Ohmsen
M.K.B. Blankenese: 4x 9,4 mm Vickers M39 (e) (CP: Néville)
M.K.B. Hamburg: 4x 240 mm SKL/40 – Oberleutnant Rudi Gelbhaar (CP: Fermanville)
M.K.B. Brommy: 4x 150 mm SKC/28 (CP: Les Caplains)
M.K.B. Fort du Roule: 4x 105 mm SKC/32 u
M.K.B. Bastion Cherbourg: 4x 105 mm SKC/32 u (CP: l’Arsenal)
M.K.B. Yorck : 4x 170 mm SKL/40 – Oberleutnant Hans Brenzel (CP: Anfreville)
M.K.B. Landemer: 4x 150 mm SKC/28 – Oberleutnant Gerhard Kubis (CP: Castel-Vendon)
M.K.B. Greville: 2x 380 mm SKC/34 (CP: Castel-Vendon)

Leichte-Beobachtung-Abteilung 33: Major Boetticher (CP: Torigni-sur-Vire)
1./33: Oberleutnant Rademacher
2./33: Oberleutnant Rolf Maass
3./33: Oberleutnant Richard Meyer


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