2nd US Infantry Division

Image : 2nd Infantry Division

Battle order – June 1st, 1944 – Battle of Normandy


Commander: Major General Walter M. Robertson
Deputy commander: Brigadier General Thomas L. Martin
Artillery commander: Brigadier General George P.
Chief of Staff: Colonel John H. Stokes, Jr.
G-1: Major Arthur M. Sherwood, III
G-2: Lieutenant Colonel Donald P. Christensen
G-3: Lieutenant Colonel John H. Chiles
G-4: Lieutenant Colonel Homer S. Reese
G-5: Lieutenant Colonel Ellis O. Keller


2nd (mechanized) Reconnaissance Troop

Combat and combat support units

9th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Chester J. Hirschfelder
1st Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel H. K. Wesson
2nd Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Walter M. Higgins, Jr
3rd Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Paul V. Tuttle

23rd Infantry Regiment: Colonel Hurley E. Fuller
1st Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel William Humphries
2nd Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Raymond B. Marlin
3rd Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel John B. Naser

38th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Walter A. Elliot
1st Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Frank T. Mildren
2nd Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Jack K. Norris
3rd Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Malcom R. Stotts

741st Tank Battalion

2nd Engineer Battalion

2nd Division Artillery: Brigadier General George P. Hays

Service units

2nd Signal Company
702nd Ordnance Company
2nd Quarter-master Company
2nd Medical Battalion
2nd CIC detachment
Military Police Platoon

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