35th (US) Infantry Division

35th (US) Infantry Division

Battle order – June-August 1944 – Battle of Normandy



Commander: Major General Paul W. Baade
Deputy commander: Brigadier General Edmund B. Sebree

Chief of Staff: Colonel Maddrey A. Solomon


Combat and combat support units

134th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Butler B. Miltonberger

137th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Grant Layng, wounded on July 11th, 1944, temporarily replaced by Brigadier General Edmund B. Sebree and then by Colonel Harold R. Emery

320th Infantry Regiment : Colonel Bernard A. Byrne

35th Reconnaissance Troop (mechanized)

60th Combat Engineer Battalion

35th Artillery Division
– 161st Field Artillery Battalion (105 Howitzer)
– 216th Field Artillery Battalion (105 Howitzer)
– 219th Field Artillery Battalion (105 Howitzer): Lieutenant-Colonel John N. Wilson, killed on July 11th, 1944, replaced by Major Claude N. Shaver
– 127th Field Artillery Battalion (155 Howitzer)

Combat service units

110th Medical Battalion

735th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company

35th Quartermaster Company

35th Signal Company

Military Police Platoon

Headquarters Company



Anti-aircraft artillery
– 448th AAA AW Battalion (Mbl), from July 9th, 1944 to April 26th, 1945
– 459th AAA AW Battalion (Mbl), from July 19th to 27th, 1945
– 116th AAA Gun Battalion (Mbl), from July 20th, 1944 to August 3rd, 1944

Field artillery
– 29th Div Arty, from July 19th to 27th, 1944
– 967th FA Bn (155 How), from July 19th to 27th, 1944
– 183rd FA Bn (155 How), from August 11th to 12th, 1944
– 974th FA Bn (155 How), from August 15th to 21st, 1944
– 255th FA Bn (105 How), from August 15th, 1944
– 182d FA Gp, on August 17th, 1944

– 737th Tank Battalion, from July 9th to 28th, 1944
– D Co, 32nd Armored Regiment (3rd Armored Division), from August 10th to 12th, 1944
– CCA (4th Armored Division), from August 15th to 19th, 1944
– 113th Cavalry Group, from July 20th to 24th, 1944
– 4th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, from August 9th to 12th, 1944
– 106th Cavalry Group, from August 28th to September 8th, 1944

– 654th Tank Destroyer Battalion (SP), from July 9th to December 22nd, 1944
– 821st Tank Destroyer Battalion (SP), from July 19th to 27th, 1944

– 82nd Chemical Mortar Battalion, on July 14th, 1944
– C Co, 81st Chemical Mortar Battalion, from July 30th to August 5th, 1944

Command posts

May 31, 1944: Tavistok, England
July 7, 1944: Colombières
July 9, 1944: Moon-sur-Elle
July 21, 1944: Villiers-Fossard
July 28, 1944: Saint-Lô
July 31, 1944: Condé-sur-Vire
August 1st, 1944: Domjean
August 2, 1944: Sainte-Marie-Outre-L’Eau
August 5, 1944: Louvigne
August 7, 1944: Notre-Dame-de-Touchet
August 13, 1944: Le Mans
August 15, 1944: Château de Champ Romain
August 18, 1944: Artenay
August 20, 1944: Pithiviers-le-Vieil
August 22, 1944: La Carrière
August 24, 1944: Courtenay
August 30, 1944: Fontvannes