5th (US) Armored Division

5th (US) Armored Division

Order of battle – June-August 1944 – Battle of Normandy

Commander: Major General Lunsford E. Oliver

Headquarters Company
Headquarters Company, 5th Armored Division
Combat Command A (CCA): Brigadier General Eugene A. Regnier
Combat Command B (CCB)
Headquarters, Reserve Command (CCR)

85th Cavalry Reconnaissance Battalion, Mechanized

10th Tank Battalion
34th Tank Battalion
81st Tank Battalion

Armored Infantry
15th Armored Infantry Battalion
46th Armored Infantry Battalion
47th Armored Infantry Battalion

Division Artillery
47th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
71st Armored Field Artillery Battalion
95th Armored Field Artillery Battalion

22nd Armored Engineer Battalion

Tank Destroyers
628th Tank Destroyer Battalion
629th Tank Destroyer Battalion
(from August 29th, 1944)

Anti-aircraft Artillery
387th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion