7th (US) Armored Division

7th (US) Armored Division

Order of battle – June-August 1944 – Battle of Normandy



Commander: Major General Lindsay M. Silverster

Chief of Staff: Colonel George H. Molony

Headquarters Company

Combat and Combat support units

Reserve Command: Lieutenant-Colonel James W. Newberry

Combat Command A: Colonel Dwight A. Rosenbaum

Combat Command B: Brigadier General John B. Thompson

17th Tank Battalion

31st Tank Battalion

40th Tank Battalion

23d Armored Infantry Battalion

38th Armored Infantry Battalion

48th Armored Infantry Battalion

87th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mecanized)

33d Armored Engineer Battalion

7th Armored Division Artillery

– 434th Armored Field Artillery Battalion

– 440th Armored Field Artillery Battalion

– 489th Armored Field Artillery Battalion

Combat service units

147th Armored Signal Company

7th Armored Division Trains

129th Ordnance Maintenance Battalion

77th Armored Medical Battalion

Military Police Platoon