US Air Force in Normandy
9th Troop Carrier Command – Order of battle

Battle of Normandy

50th Troop Carrier Wing (TCW) – Colonel Julian M. Chappel, based at Cottesmore :

  • 439th Troop Carrier Group (TCG): lieutenant-colonel Charles H. Young based at Upottery, transporting the 1/506th and 2/506th:
    – 91st Troop Carrier Squadron (TCS): major Howard U. Morton (aircraft code L4)
    – 92nd TCS: major Cecil E. Petty (aircraft code J8)
    – 93rd TCS: major Robert A. Barrere (aircraft code 3B)
    – 94th TCS: major Joseph A. Beck II (aircraft code D8)
  • 440th TCG: lieutenant-colonel Frank X. Krebs based at Exeter, transporting the 3/506th and C/326th AEB:
    – 95th TCS: major Irving G. Anderson (aircraft code 9X)
    – 96th TCS: captain William R. Cooper (aircraft code 6Z)
    – 97th TCS: major Jack S. Southard (aircraft code W6)
    – 98th TCS: major Bascome L. Neal (aircraft code 8Y)
  • 441st TCG: lieutenant-colonel Theodore G. Kershaw based at Merryfield, transporting the 1/501st and 2/501st:
    – 99th TCS: lieutenant-colonel Walter T. Fletcher (aircraft code 3J)
    – 100th TCS: captain James T. Cousin (aircraft code 8C)
    – 301st TCS: captain Lloyd G. Neblett (aircraft code Z4)
    – 302nd TCS: lieutenant-colonel Frederick Funston Jr (aircraft code 2L)
  • 442nd TCG: lieutenant-colonel Charles M. Smith based at Fulbeck, transporting the 1/507th and HQ/507th:
    – 303rd TCS: major Robert O. Whittington (aircraft code J7)
    – 304th TCS: major Kenneth L. Glassburn (aircraft code V4)
    – 305th TCS: major John A. Crandell (aircraft code 4J)
    – 306th TCS: major Royal S. Thompson (aircraft code 7H)

52nd Troop Carrier Wing – Brigadier General Harold L. Clark based at Cottesmore :

  •  61st TCG: colonel Willis W. Mitchell based at Barkston Heath, transporting the 2/507th and 3/507th:
    – 14th TCS: major Lewis S. Frederick Jr (aircraft code 3I)
    – 15th TCS: major Lawrence C. McMurtry (aircraft code Y9)
    – 53rd TCS: major Howard M. Betts (aircraft code 3A)
    – 59th TCS: major Marcus O. Owens Jr (aircraft code X5)
  •  313th TCG: colonel James J. Roberts Jr based at Folkingham, transporting the 1/508th and 2/508th:
    – 29th TCS: lieutenant-colonel Quinn M. Corley (aircraft code 5X)
    – 47th TCS: major Paul W. Stephen (aircraft code N3)
    – 48th TCS: major Edgar F. Stovall Jr (aircraft code Z7)
    – 49th TCS: lieutenant-colonel Frank J. Lumsden (aircraft code H2)
  • 314th TCG: colonel Clayton Stiles based at Saltby, transporting the 2/508th and B/307th:
    – 32nd TCS: major Halac G. Wilson (aircraft code S2)
    – 50th TCS: major Joseph H. McClure (aircraft code 2R)
    – 61st TCS: major Campbell N. Smith (aircraft code Q9)
    – 62nd TCS: major Arthur E. Tappan (aircraft code E5)
  •  315th TCG: colonel Hamish Mc Lelland based at Spanhoe, transporting the 1/505th and Plt/307th:
    – 34th TCS: lieutenant-colonel Donald G. Dekin (aircraft code NM)
    – 43rd TCS: lieutenant-colonel Otto H. Peterson (aircraft code UA)
    – 309th TCS: lieutenant-colonel Smylie C. Stark (aircraft code M6)
    – 310th TCS: lieutenant-colonel Henry G. Hamby Jr (aircraft code 4A)
  •  316th TCG: colonel Harvey A. Berger based at Cottesmore, transporting the 2/505th and 3/505th
    – 36th TCS: major James R. Roberts (aircraft code 6E)
    – 37th TCS: major Leonard C. Fletcher (aircraft code W7)
    – 44th TCS: major Benjamin F. Kendig (aircraft code 4C)
    – 45th TCS: major Mars Lewis (aircraft code T3)

53rd Troop Carrier Wing – Colonel Maurice Beach, based at Greeham Common and towing the Waco and Horsa gliders:

  • 434th TCG: colonel William B. Whitacre based at Aldermaston :
    – 71st TCS: major Glenn E. Mann Jr (aircraft code CJ)
    – 72nd TCS: major Frank W. Hansley (aircraft code CU)
    – 73rd TCS: major Terry G. Hutton (aircraft code CN)
    – 74th TCS: major Ralph L. Stream Jr (aircraft code ID)
  •  435th TCG: colonel Frank J. MacNees based at Welford Park, transporting the 3/501st:
    – 75th TCS: major Lewis A. Curtis (aircraft code SH)
    – 76th TCS: lieutenant-colonel Robert C. Lewis (aircraft code CW)
    – 77th TCS: lieutenant-colonel Henry H. Osmer (aircraft code IB)
    – 78th TCS: lieutenant-colonel Bertil E. Hanson (aircraft code CM)
  •  436th TCG: lieutenant-colonel Adriel N. Williams based at Ramsbury, transporting the 1/502nd:
    – 79th TCS: major John D. Kreyssler (aircraft code S6)
    – 80th TCS: major Clarence L. Schmid (aircraft code 7D)
    – 81st TCS: major David W. Brack (aircraft code U5)
    – 82nd TCS: captain Robert G. Johns (aircraft code 3D)
  • 437th TCG: colonel Cedric E. Hudgens based at Ramsbury :
    – 83rd TCS: captain John White (aircraft code T2)
    – 84th TCS: captain John M. Campbell (aircraft code Z8)
    – 85th TCS: captain Lester L. Ferguson (aircraft coden 9O)
    – 86th TCS: major Ralph E. Lehr (aircraft code 5K)
  • 438th TCG: lieutenant-colonel John M. Donalson based at Greenham Common, transporting the 2/502nd and 3/502nd:
    – 87th TCS: lieutenant-colonel David E. Daniel (aircraft code 3X)
    – 88th TCS: major Robert W. Gates (aircraft code M2)
    – 89th TCS: major Clement G. Richardson (aircraft code 4U)
    – 90th TCS: major Harold I. Pawlowski (aircraft code Q7)

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