The figures for civilian casualties in Normandy

The Allies know, even before the start of operation Overlord, that Norman civilians will pay a heavy price because of fighting and bombing that will take place on their soil, in their village or in their town. Free France, represented by General de Gaulle, expresses its great concern about the probable death of many of its fellow citizens and the interallied relations deteriorate with regard to the civilian victims.

Shortly after the Battle of Normandy, the need to continue the fight against Nazi Germany normalized inter-Allied relations in spite of internal dissension, and at the end of 1945, priority became the reconstruction of a bloodless country because of years of deprivation and destruction. Civilian casualties in Normandy have always been regarded as one of the prices to be paid for liberation. But what about the exact number?

 Estimated Norman civilian losses by Frederick Alexander Lindemann (Scientific Advisor to Winston Churchill) before the Battle of Normandy: 80,000 to 160,000 killed

 Total civilian losses in Normandy: 19,890 killed

 Civilian losses in Calvados region: 8,140 killed

 Civilian losses in Eure region: 5,750 killed

Civilian losses in Manche region: 3,800 killed

Civilian losses in Orne region: 2,200 killed

Total number of homeless in Normandy: 300,000

 Cattle killed: 100,000 – Horses killed: 8,000

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