Operation Lost

French resistance during the Battle of Normandy

In order to coordinate the actions of the Breton resistance while disorganizing the arrival of future German reinforcements to Normandy after D-Day, French and British commandos were parachuted over Brittany. One of the last operations, code-named Lost, consisted in parachuting seven commandos to take contact with Major Bourgoin, who had given no news since June 18, 1944, the date of the German attack against the maquis of Saint-Marcel.

Thus, on the night of 22-23 June 1944, British Major Cary-Elwes and his team were dropped over Brittany. Their protection being assured by Lieutenant Fleuriot and his men, the commandos took the place of the missing teams, Sergeant Marty leading the radio team that was subordinate to Captain Marienne, shot on July 13, 1944.

Of the 450 SAS involved, there were 77 killed and 197 wounded.