Allied Armada battle order

Operation Neptune – Normandy landing

From left to right: Kirk, Bradley, Struble (with binoculars) and Keen aboard USS Augusta on D-Day. Photo: US National Archives


 The convoys transporting troops, equipment, food and equipment were under the protection of two support forces, called Task Forces. Task Force West was under the responsibility of the Americans, while Task Force East was commanded by the British military. An independent command, the Home Command, was responsible for conducting the operations orders.

Western Task Force was composed of Task Force U (for Utah Beach) and Task Force O (Omaha Beach).

Eastern Task Force was composed of Task Forces G (Gold Beach), J (Juno Beach) and S (Sword Beach).

The different Task Forces are detailed below.

Western Task Force
Image : drapeau américain

Assault forces

Task Force U

Task Force O

Eastern Task Force
Image : drapeau britannique

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