Les Couplets batteries – Stp 272

German batteries of the Atlantic Wall in Normandy

Unit: 8th Battalion of the 1261st Marine Artillery Regiment (8/HKAR1261)

Codename: Stp 272 – H.K.B. Les Couplets

Artillery guns: 4x 155 mm K420 (f)

OutcomeUnder American control on June 25, 1944

The Couplets battery, coded “Stp 272” by the Germans, belongs to the western defense belt protecting the city of Cherbourg (“Festung Cherbourg“) and its precious deep water port (logistical key for the belligerents). It is near the town of Equeurdreville-Hainneville.

This site was originally a French fort (the fort of Couplets) dating from the early 19th century, built in order to protect Cherbourg against possible British attacks. The Germans reuse this site (below the site of the new Battery Couplets) for the same purpose and they first installed eight French 155 mm guns from 1916. They finally leave only four pieces on the site.

Four 155 mm (K420 f) barrels are placed under Regelbau H679 casemates, but two of them are moved to open-pit platforms due to their incompatibility with the H679 model constructions.

The Couplet site also includes two shooting command posts, two 50 mm KwK anti-tank guns in the Ringstand casemate, anti-aircraft gun sites, ammunition bunkers and personnel shelters.