Mare Fontaine battery – Wn 32

German batteries of the Atlantic Wall in Normandy

Unit: 6th battery of the 1716th Artillery Regiment (6./AR1716)

Codename: Wn 32

Artillery guns: 4x 100 mm FH14/19 (t)

Outcome: Under British control on June 6th, 1944

The Mare Fontaine battery is located southwest of Ver-sur-Mer, about a hundred meters south of the place called La Mare Fontaine. It faces the beach of Gold.

Composition of the Mare Fontaine battery

The Germans are building four Regelbau H669 casemates to protect four 100 mm FH 14/19 horse-drawn guns of Czech origin. The range of these guns is ten kilometers, which allows him to apply lights on the beach.

The 6th Green Howards (69th Infantry Brigade, 50th Infantry Division) captured the battery on D-Day