German strongpoints in Normandy: Wn 73

Atlantic wall

The Wn 73 strongpoint is one of the four defensive point of the village of Vierville-sur-Mer. It is located northwest of the valley of Vierville-sur-Mer, all around a house abandoned by the local population during the installation of the Germans. It includes a casemate for artillery guns, several shelters and tobrouks.

Nicknamed the “fortified house” by the Americans and known by the Normans as the “villa Gambier”, it was taken by assault on 6 June 1944 by the Rangers who suffered heavy losses during its conquest.

Composition of the Wn 73 strongpoint:

  • 1x 75 mm (FK231 -f-) gun
  • 2x 8,14 cm (Gr.W 34) mortars
  • Several machine guns

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