Commonwealth ground forces on D-Day in Normandy

This list of military units corresponds to British, Canadian, Scottish and Irish forces landed or parachuted in Normandy between 6 and 7 June 1944.

79th Armored Division
30th Armored brigade
22nd Heavy Cavalry
1st Lothians and Border House
2nd Territorial Cavalry Division – Westminster devils
141st RAC Regiment
1st Tanks Brigade
11th RTR Batallion
42nd RTR Batallion
49th RTR Batallion
1st Assault RE Brigade
5th Assault RE Regiment
6th Assault RE Regiment
42nd Assault RE Regiment
79th Transmission Regiment (grouped in armored division)
1st Canadian Armored Regiment

1st Corps
Inn of Court RAC Regiment
62nd Anti-tank Regiment
102nd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
9th Cartography RA Regiment
1st Engineering Corps
1st Transmission Corps

30th Corps
11th Armored Vehicles Regiment
73rd Anti-Tank Regiment
27th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
4th Cartography RA Regiment
30th Engineering Corps
30 Transmission Corps

3rd Infantry Division
8th Brigade
1st Batalion, Suffolk Regiment
2nd Batalion, East Yorshire Regiment
1st Batallion, South Lancashire Regiment
9th Brigade
2nd Batallion, Lincolnshire Regiment
1st Batallion, King’s own Scottish borderers
2nd Batallion, Royal Ulster Rifles
185th Brigade
2nd Batallion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
1st Batallion, Royal Norfolk Regiment
2nd Batallion, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
Troupes regroupées en division
3rd RAC Recon Regiment
3rd Engineering Regiment
3rd Transmission Regiment
7th Artillery Regiment
33rd Artillery Regiment
76th Artillery Regiment
20th Anti-Tanks Regiment
92nd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
2nd Batallion, Middlesex Regiment

6th Airborne Division
3rd Parachutists Brigade
8th Parachutists Batallion
9th Parachutists Batallion
1st Canadian Parachutists Batallion
5th Parachutists Brigade
7th Parachutists Batallion
12th Parachutists Batallion
13th Parachutists Batallion
6th Airborne Brigade
12th Batallion, Devonshire Regiment
2nd Batallion, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
1st Batallion, Royal Ulster Rifles
Troupes regroupées en division
6th Airborne Armored RAC Reco Regiment
6th Airborne Engineering Regiment
53rd Airborne Light Regiment
6th Airborne Transmission Regiment

50th Northumbrian Division
69th Brigade
5th Batallion, East Yorkshire Regiment
6th Batallion, Green Howards
7th Batallion, Green Howards
151st Brigade
6th Batallion, Durham Liht Infantry
8th Batallion, Durham Liht Infantry
9th Batallion, Durham Liht Infantry
231st Brigade
2nd Batallion, Devonshire Regiment
1st Battalion, Hampshire Regiment
1st Batallion, Dorsetshire Regiment
Troupes regroupées en division
61st RAC Reco Regiment
50th Engineering Regiment
50th Transmission Regiment
74th Regiment
90th Regiment
124th Regiment
102nd Anti-Tanks Regiment
25th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
2nd Batallion, Cheshire Regiment

3rd Canadian Infantry Division
7th Brigade
Royal Winnipeg Regiment
Regina Rifle Regiment
1st Batallion Canadian Scottish Regiment
8th Brigade
The Queen Own Rifles of Canada
Régiment de la Chaudière
North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment
9th Brigade
Highland Light Infantry of Canada
Stormont Highlander
Dundas Highlander
Glengarry Highlander
North Nova Scotia Highlander
Troupes regroupées en division
17th Duke of York’s own Armored
12th Regiment
13th Regiment
14th Regiment
3rd Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
4th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (machine-gun batallion), Royal Artillery

1st Brigade, Special Service
3rd Commandos
4th Commandos
6th Commandos
45th Royal Marine Commandos

Independent brigades
27th Armored Brigade
13th King’s own Armored
18th King’s own Armored
1st East Riding Territorial Cavalry Division
Staffordshire Territorial Cavalry Division
8th Armored Brigade
4th Heavy Royal Guards Cavalry
7th Heavy Royal Guards Cavalry
24th Spears
Nottinghamshire Territorial Cavalry Division
12th Batallion, King’s own Armored Corps
2nd Canadian Armored Brigade
6th Armored Regiment
10th Armored Regiment, Fort Garry Horse
27th Armored Regiment, Sherbrooke

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