D-Day poems

Poems inspired by the Normandy landings

These pages invite you to discover poems written by enthusiasts and veterans who pay tribute in their own way to the courage and sacrifice of allied soldiers, and who also bear witness to these wartime events that have transformed the course of history.

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Poems by Hubert Denys (in French)
Ô Canada !
A mes parents
Pour nos copains
Les infirmiers
Les vétérans
Déjà 60 ans
Qui t’es toi ?

Poem by Major Michael Davis O’Donnell
For their memory

Poem by Danielle de Cacqueray-Sevestre (in French)

Poems by Claudec (in French)
65 ans après
Forget me not

Poem by Alain David (in French)
Le Baiser de la terre

Poem by Marie-Jeanne Edel (in French)

Poem by Yannick Morel (in French)
Omaha Beach

Poem by Armand Voss (in French)
Une si jolie plage

Poem by Linda Widar (in French)
Mon ami Atterby


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