Tellermine 43 anti-tank mine – T. Mi. 43

History, technical sheet and photo

Image : Tellermine 43

Tellermine 43 anti-tank mine history

At the beginning of World War II, the Germans systematically used the Tellermine 35 anti-tank mine. The evolution of the armor of the opposing tanks and the aging of the mine in 1935 prompted the Germans to develop a new model in 1942, Another in 1943: the “Tellermine 43”.

There is no major difference between models 42 and 43. The changes brought about by this new model are measured mainly at the level of production which is simplified and therefore has an impact on manufacturing costs. This financial aspect is particularly important for Germany, which is counting its pennies as the fighting continues.

However, Tellermine 43 is lighter than model 42 although the quantities of explosive are identical.

Tellermine 43 anti-tank mine specification

Creator/User: Germany
Denomination: T. Mi. 43 – Tellermine 43

Type of mine: anti-tank

Operating system: pressure plate (reaction from 100 kg at the edge or 180 kg at the center of the plate)

Explosive: 5,5 kg of TNT

Total weight: 8,1 kg
Height: 10,2 cm
Diameter: 31,8 cm