Maisy battery

D-Day and Battle of Normandy museums

In January 2006, the historical community learned from the media that a 44-hectare German base, completely forgotten by historians and Norman authorities, was rediscovered by a British enthusiast at the very heart of the historic Normandie, in the town of Grandcamp-Maisy (Calvados).

Maisy’s German battery was actually “forgotten” for more than sixty years before being grounded by Gary Sterne, owner of the land. Located between the villages of Grandcamp and Maisy in the east, and the mouth of the Vire to the west, this defensive position belonging to the Atlantic Wall consisted of two fortified points, coded Stp 83 “La Perruque” and Stp 84 “The Martine”.

Numerous works have made it possible to clear the artillery shells and the concrete shelters of the site. The visitor progresses through trenches dug following the original route and visiting the various bunkers of the site.

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Address: Route des Perruques, F-14450 Grandcamp-Maisy
Website: Maisy battery


– Car park at the entrance of the Maisy battery.