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Daimler battery – Wn 12 strongpoint – Atlantic wall in Normandy

German strongpoints in Normandy: Wn 12
Daimler battery

Atlantic wall

The Wn 12 (nicknamed “Daimler Battery” by the Allies) is located south of Ouistreham near the water tower, opposite Sword Beach. Initially a horsepower battery position, the Wn 12 is finally equipped with four gun pits with adjoining bunkers, then three casemates H669 with various shelters, a minefield coded Mf 96, two tanks type H607. The constructions are interconnected by a network of trenches.

The Wn 12 is armed by the 4th battery of the Artillery-Regiment 1716 (716. Infanterie-Regiment) and comprises four 155 mm sFH 414 (f) howitzers.

Composition of the Wn 12 (Daimler battery) strongpoint:

4x 155 mm sFH 414 (f) howitzers
1x 5 cm mortar
2x 2 cm anti-aircraft  Flak 30 guns
1x MG 42 machine guns
5x MG 34 machine guns

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