Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan

Filmography of the landing and the battle of Normandy

Steven Spielberg’s film Saving Private Ryan is a fictitious story, but partly inspired by a true story: that of the Niland brothers, American soldiers who died in combat on the same U.S. Navy building in the Pacific.

The adaptation of this story allowed the American filmmaker to design a film over a period of time that he pays special attention to: the Second World War, and in particular the history of the Battle of Normandy, in which many soldiers have thrown themselves into peril of their lives.

This film features during the first 20 minutes the landing of the American troops on the beach of Omaha Beach, in all its atrocity. But, unlike the film The Longest Day, Steven Spielberg’s feature film truly aims to show realistically and faithfully the audience a page of our History.

The D-Day Overlord website investigated this film in order to know its true historical value with D-Day veterans, who are in the best position to inform us. You will find the conclusion of this work in the part “Relations film-History“. Also, check out the movie summary, photo gallery and Saving Private Ryan products.