A British 101-year-old veteran is the oldest skydiver in the world

Veteran Bryson William Verdun Hayes has become the oldest skydiver in the world. Photo: SWNS

May 16, 2017: A 101-year-old British veteran jumps into a parachute!
Information source: Sputnik France

A World War II veteran, Bryson William Verdun Hayes, ventured to jump in free fall, in Devon County, England. 40 days ago, this fearless man celebrated his 101st birthday.

United Kingdom Signal Operator, participating in the Normandy landings in 1944, Bryson William Verdun Hayes became the oldest paratrooper in the world. This veteran, who has just celebrated his 101st birthday, has taken a free fall jump of 5,000 meters for a charity, said the Guardian.

Three generations of this veteran’s family were there to support him. Stanley, his great grandson, aged 16, was the youngest. And Bryan, his 74-year-old son, the eldest. Ellie, 21, the great-granddaughter, was also present.


Bryson William Verdun Hayes presents his military and commemorative medals of the Second World War, before his famous jump. Photo: PA

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