A landing craft discovered in Normandy… then destroyed

The remains of a landing barge were discovered on the beach of Merville, in Normandy. Archaeologists denounce the clearing of the site by the town hall.

April 13, 2017: A landing craft discovered in Normandy… then destroyed
Source: France 3 Normandie

From a piece of metal … to a D-Day landing craft

Initially, a simple piece of metal of 10 centimeters protruding from the ground on a meter of length. The walker who makes this strange discovery this Tuesday morning decides to inform the technical services of the commune of Merville-Franceville (14). Once on the spot, the agents of the commune begin to dig and quickly realize that they have to do with a much larger object than they originally imagined.

Excavators are called to reinforce and what was originally a piece of metal 10 centimeters wide by a meter in length actually turns out to be 11 meters long by 3 meters wide. The exhumed object is in a very pitiful condition. It must be said that it has more than 70 years of age. The sand and the tide did not spare it. But this vestige, made of wood and metal, is nonetheless exceptional because it is a real piece of history, a landing barge.

Remains destroyed by the municipal services of Merville-Franceville

Archaeologists denounced the destruction of the landing craft by the services of the Town Hall. Michel L’Hour, the Director of the DRASSM [Department of Underwater and Underwater Archaeological Research] does not decolerate: “it is the zero level of the intelligence of the historical heritage”, he says, after the discovery of a landing barge on the beach of Merville-Franceville by the technical services of the Town hall.

For the mayor of Merville-France, Olivier Paz, “The DRASSM, it’s about thirty civil servants in Marseille. If we have to call people in Marseille each time we discover a Rommel asparagus or a Tetrapod, that they are expected to move to do what is done here between two tides, life will become complicated, and many accidents. “

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