29th Cavalry Reconnaissance – 29th ID – After Action Reports

29th Cavalry Reconnaissance

After Action Report
29ème division d’infanterie américaine – Juin 1944

I. Summary of operations

Phase One: “Landing Operations, France”.

The first platoon, 29th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troops Mecs. attached to the 116th Infantry Combat Team landed on Omaha Beaches 6 June 1944, 0800 hours (D-Day, H plus 30). It was divided into seven groups and operated a Commanding General’s Radio Voice Net reporting the advances, locations, and resistances met by the assault companies. this was operated until 0200, D plus 1 at which time the platoon started reorganizing.

The 29th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop Mecs. less one platoon landed on Omaha Beach D plus 2 at 1630 hours proceeding to transit area, at Vierville sur Mer and was joined by the 1st platoon.

Phase Two: “Grandcamp les Bains, France”.

D plus 2 at 2000 hours the troop proceeded to assigned area at Cricqueville en Bessin with the mission of reconnoitering roads in area of St. Pierre du Mont, Grandcamp les Bains, Corbonville, La Cambe. Mission started at 0500 hours, D plus 3. Reconnaissance parties located mines, isolated groups and pockets of enemy resistance.

Phase Three: “Isigny – Carentan Operations”.

D plus 3 at 1200 hours unit moved from Cricqueville area with mission of reconnoitering roads west of Isigny. Proceeding to Isigny this unit captured fifteen (15) prisoners of an isolated group, continuing thru Isigny mopping up small pockets of enemy resistance and snipers which had infiltrated thru front lines. Arriving 1400 hours at xxx sur le Vey found that the bridge over Vire River was blown. 1700 hours received orders to cross Vire River and establish a bridge head. Working in coordination with two (2) platoons of the 175th Infantry the unit crossed the river under enemy fire. Rafts were used to float vehicles and personal across. This unit then supported the Infantry assault with mortars, 37mm guns, and automatic weapons, xxx enemy strong points. Bridgehead was completed 2130 hours. The troop covered the Engineers with fire while bridge was constructed over the river. Unit pulled back at 0300 hours D plus 4 to be resupplied.

At D plus 4, 0530 hours the troop moved out across the river and pushed reconnaissance to west. Strong enemy resistance was met along Isigny-Carentan road. Reconnaissance was pushed to the outskirts of Carentan by 0800 hours where upon found roadblock covered by enemy automatic and anti-tank weapons.

1030 hours the troop was given a mission to establish contact with the 101st U.S. Airborne Division. Contact was established at 1500 hours after a fierce engagement resulting in the capture of numerous prisoners. Contact was maintained until 1800 hours at when time the mission was taken over by Combat Command A, 2nd U.S. Armored Division. Unit moved south to area near La Foret, closed in area 2400 hours.

Phase Four: “Moon sur Elle Operations”.

On D plus 5 the 3rd platoon received the mission to maintain contact between 101st U.S. Airborne and 175th Infantry Regiment and was relieved of mission 1100 hours, D plus 6 and moved to St. marguerite de Elle.

D plus 5, 1st and 2nd platoons received mission to reconnoiter roads qouth of Vire, Moon sur Elle, St. Marguerite de Elle. Strong enemy positions encountered. Observation post established at Moon sur Elle. Foot and motor patrols were continued until D plus 8.

D plus 9, at 0500 hours, 29th Cavalry reconnaissance Troops Mecs. captured the village of La Meauppe holding town until D plus 11. Reconnaissance was pushed from this position until being relieved by 119th Infantry, 30th Infantry Division.

Phase Five: “Patrolling Operations”.

From D plus 11 to D plus 14 the troop was used as contact element between adjacent divisions and liaison between regiments of this division.

On D plus 15 the unit was ordered into division reserve. Active foot and motor patrols were maintained day and night contacting units of the division and patrolling to the front and exposed right flank.

Edward C. Jones Jr.
1st Lt., Cavalry

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