LCI(L) Flotilla 10

After Action Reports
Western Task Force

JUNE 1944

From: Deputy Commander Task Group 124.3 – LCI(L) Flotilla 10

Beach and Shore Problems

Considerable confusion arose when subordinate Army Commanders made their priority requests through the beachmasters rather than through the Commanding Officer of the Shore Party Brigade. The desires of these subordinate commanders were often at variance with those of the higher command.

The orders called for the Assault Group Commanders to clear the beaches of obstacles. The organization set-up to do this work did not come under his jurisdiction until D Day. This organization was entirely inadequate to handle the work at hand, and the time allowed, with reference to the tidal conditions, was far from being sufficient.

It is believed that in some cases too much responsibility was placed in the hands of officers without sufficient experience. This refers particularly to the case of the control craft at the line of departure. The Deputy Assault Group Commander did not receive information that the troops were encountering any serious difficulties on the beaches until H plus 220, although he should have been notified of these conditions shortly after H Hour. It is believed that in all future operations an officer with experience and of the grade of Lieutenant Commander or above should be placed on each primary control vessel.

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