4ème division blindée canadienne – Ordre de bataille

4ème division blindée canadienne

4th Canadian Armoured Division

4th Canadian Armored Division

Ordre de bataille – Juillet-Août 1944 – Bataille de Normandie

Commandant : Major General George Kitching

Divisional Headquarters
10th Infantry Brigade Ground Defence Platoon
29th Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (The South Alberta Regiment)
– A squadron
– B squadron
– C squadron : Major David Vivian Currie

4th Canadian Armoured Brigade

21st Armoured Regiment (The Governor General’s Foot Guards)

22nd Armoured Regiment (The Grenadier Guards)

28th Armoured Regiment (The British Columbia Regiment) : lieutenant-colonel D. G. Worthington (tué le 9 août 1944, remplacé par le Major Macpherson)
– A squadron : Major G. R. Sidenius
– B squadron : Major J. H. Carson
– C squadron : Major T. B. Baron

The Lake Superior Regiment (Motor)

10th Canadian Infantry Brigade

10th Independent Machine Gun Company (The New Brunswick Rangers)

The Lincoln and Welland Regiment

The Algonquin Regiment : lieutenant-colonel A. J. Hay

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise’s)
– A Company
– B Company : Capitaine Ivan Harold Martin (tué le 21 août 1944)
– C Company : Major Gordon Winfield
– D Company

Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA)

15th Field Regiment
– 17th Field Battery
– 95th Field Battery
– 110th Field Battery

23rd Field Regiment (Self Propelled)
– 31st Field Battery (Self Propelled)
– 36th Field Battery (Self Propelled)
– 83rd Field Battery (Self Propelled)

5th Anti-Tank Regiment
– 3rd Anti-Tank Battery
– 14th Anti-Tank Battery
– 65th Anti-Tank Battery
– 96th Anti-Tank Battery

8th Light Anti-Tank Regiment
– 70th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
– 101st Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
– 102nd Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers (RCE)

Headquarters RCE
– 6th Field Park Company, RCE
– 8th Field Company, RCE
– 9th Field Company, RCE
– One bridge platoon

Royal Canadian Corps of Signal (RCCS)

4th Armoured Divisional Signals, RCCS

Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC)

Headquarters RCASC
– 4th Armoured Brigade Company, RCASC
– 10th Infantry Brigade Company, RCASC
– 4th Armoured Divisional Troops Company, RCASC
– 4th Armoured Division Transport Company, RCASC

Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (RCAMC)

– No. 12 Field Ambulance, RCAMC
– No. 15 Field Ambulance, RCAMC
– 4th Division Field Hygiene Section, RCAMC
– Field dressing station

Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps (RCOC)

No. 4 Armoured Division Ordnance Field Park, RCOC

Royal Canadian Eletrical and Mechanical Engineers (RCEME)

Headquarters RCEME
– 4th Armoured Brigade Workshop, RCEME
– 10th Infantry Brigade Workshop, RCEME
– One LAA workshop
– Eleven light aid detachments

Royal Canadian Postal Corps

Royal Canadian Provost Corps

Canadian Intelligence Corps


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