Tierceville in 1944 – Calvados – Battle of Normandy

Tierceville (Calvados)

The cities of Normandy during the 1944 battles

Liberation: June 6, 1944

Deployed units:

Drapeau canadien de 1944 The Royal Winnipeg Rifles, 7th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division

Drapeau canadien de 1944 6th Canadian Armoured Regiment (1st Hussars), 2nd Armored Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division

Drapeau anglais 4th/7th Dragoons Guard, 8th Armored Brigade

Drapeau anglais 7th Battalion Green Howards Regiment, 69th Infantry Brigade, 50th Infantry Division

Drapeau anglais 179th Special Field Company Royal Engineers

Drapeau nazi II/Grenadier-Regiment 736, 716. Infanterie-Division

Drapeau nazi Schwere-Artillerie-Abteilung 989, 716. Infanterie-Division


In the spring of 1944, the town of Tierceville was occupied by elements belonging to the 2nd Battalion of the Grenadier-Regiment 915 (352. Infanterie-Division) commanded by the Oberstleutnant Karl Meyer.

Early in the afternoon of June 6, 1944, the Canadians of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles (7th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division) advanced towards the village of Creully they captured. They continue east towards Tierceville and, once the village is under control, they establish a liaison with the British of the 7th Battalion Green Howards Regiment (69th Infantry Brigade, 50th Infantry Division), which then continue in the direction of Lantheuil.

On August 23, 1944, the English engineers of the 179th Special Field Company, Royal Engineers, built a monument in Tierceville, inspired by the Eros statue at the Piccadilly Circus roundabout in London. The monument was renovated in 1971 and is still present today.


Tierceville maps:

Carte de Tierceville (Calvados)