Tuesday, August 1st, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

The 2nd French armored division commanded by General Leclerc landed in Normandy, at Saint-Martin-de-Varreville in the Utah Beach area, while in the South of Cotentin, exploitation of the breakthrough continued. General Patton ordered his 3rd Army to advance in Britain in the direction of Mayenne and Laval. Many battles, mostly for the benefit of Americans, take place in the Val de Loire region. Patton, known for his audacity, ordered to seven divisions to cross the bridge of Pontaubault on the Sélune in only 72 hours, an incredible speed.

Meanwhile, the 1st US Army (led by General Courtney H. Hodges) as well as the 2nd British Army of General Dempsey progressed towards the south, respectively towards Vire and Falaise. The 1st Canadian Army is in charge of repelling counter-attacks in the eastern and southern region of Caen. For the British, operation Bluecoat, led by Dempsey’s 2nd Army, continues.

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