Wednesday, August 2nd, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

The 3rd Army of General Patton continues its progress in Brittany and on August 2nd, 194,  Mont-Saint-Michel is liberated. The Germans, who are totally submerged in the area of ​​Pontaubault, lose a very large number of soldiers, who are taken prisoner. However, to the east of Avranches, pockets of resistance slow down the American advance, especially in the region of Mortain where elements of the 84th German corps bury their positions.

On the eastern flank of the American troops, the British continued operation Bluecoat against the German divisions between Villers-Bocage in the northeast and Vire in the south-east. Fierce fighting takes place in the vicinity of the Forêt du Homme and south-east of the Forêt l’Evêque, as the 21st Panzer Division, supported by the 326th German infantry division, counterattacks towards the north and east, in front of the 15th and 43rd British infantry divisions and the 11th Armored Division which bore south towards Vire. The 9th and 10th S.S. Panzer divisions fought violent fights to stop the 11th British Armored Division and the Germans were forced to retreat south despite severe losses inflicted on the Allies.

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