Tuesday, July 11, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

The Germans, who have just lost the city of Caen the day before, launch an offensive in the Cotentin Peninsula, aware that the Americans are trampling in the bocage rather favorable to defense and that they are not really in a position of strength. They have a clear advantage: they are the master of the air. The Germans decided to carry their attack in the direction of Saint-Jean-de-la-Daye, in the center of the American front and directly north of Saint-Lô. They precede their assault with a bombardment of their artillery which continues northward at the time of the attack, given in the first part of the night.
At the same time, the Americans of the 9th and 39th infantry divisions were opposed to the German forces of the Panzer Lehr by a courageous resistance, and they did not bend against the enemy’s device, and heavy tank fighting took place in the Normandy hedgerow. At the end of the morning, they even regain the advantage by launching a counter-offensive directed towards Saint-Lô, and then they progress like the previous days, meters after meter, at the price of heavy losses.

The British do not take the time to savor their victory north of Caen and already the 2nd Army of General Dempsey continues its offensive towards Hill 112, still defended by the Panzergruppe West commanded by Eberbach.

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