Tuesday, August 15, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

The Falaise pocket is still not completely closed on August 15, 1944. East of Falaise, the Canadians and the Poles progress slowly towards the city of Trun to prevent more German soldiers from fleeing towards the Seine river. Trun is attacked on August 15, but tough fighting is taking place around this city, defended by elements belonging to the 7th German Army.

General Patton, who has not yet been ordered to close the pocket to the north, attacks south-east of Argentan the routed German troops. The 15th American Corps belonging to the 3rd American Army is moving towards Dreux, east of Paris, while the 20th American Corps (3rd Army) progresses towards Chartres. The 12th Army Corps attacks in the direction of Orléans.

In Brittany, the fighting around the city of Brest continues. The 83rd US Infantry Division liberates the villages of Saint-Briac and Saint-Lunaire, allowing the Allies to get closer to the town of Saint-Malo, still bitterly defended by the Germans.

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