Friday, June 23, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

The Germans abandoned to the US  7th corps their first line of defense in Cherbourg. The bombardments of June 22 disorganized the German lines and General Collins, commander of the 7th Corps, maintained the pressure.

General Montgomery, who planned operation Epsom, arrived in France and set up his headquarters in the village of Blay, west of Bayeux. He is preparing for the start of Epsom, which is due to start on 25 June, if supplies and reinforcements of men and vehicles are on time. The 5th British infantry division, which was blocked on the front by German defenders until June 18, continues a very slow progression, slowed down by Epsom’s preparations.

The German high command, struggling to defend its positions in Normandy, still believes in its revolutionary weapons, including the V-1 rockets. Numerous copies are sent day and night on mostly civilian objectives in England.

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