Saturday, June 24, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

In Cherbourg, the American troops of the 7th corps continue their slow, bloody advance. But the defenses fall one by one. Destruction of the deep-water port of Cherbourg by the German soldiers is continuing and according to allied observers, it will take several weeks to put the port facilities back into service once the city is in the hands of the Americans.

The British and Canadians stopped for a few hours the advance east of Caen, to be refueled and reinforced by fresh troops, disembarked at Arromanches for most of them after the end of the storm in the Englsih Channel which destroyed the artificial port of Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer. Montgomery’s Epsom operation is scheduled to begin the following day, Sunday, June 25th. Nearly 60,000 men stand ready to launch the offensive towards the river Odon.

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