Saturday, July 29, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

It is the fifth day of operation Cobra which. American troops have infiltrated more than thirteen kilometers inside the German lines. As of July 29, 1944, three main axis of progress are carried out: in the east, the 3rd Armored Division progresses towards the south of the town of Coutances, reached the day before and liberated on this day. In the center and east of the breakthrough, the 2nd Armored Division progresses following two axes: towards Saint-Denis-le-Gest and Villebaudon.

The Germans attempt to regroup on the same line further south, connecting the villages of Bréhal and Cérences as far as Percy in the east. This line is called the “Weisse Linie” (the “white line”). However, many soldiers of the 84th Corps are encircled in the vicinity of Roncey by the 2nd and 3rd US armored divisions. Columns of vehicles try to escape the encirclement and head towards Coutances but it is too late. Three American divisions attack the pocket and silence it by means of violent bombing.

Almost 1,500 German soldiers are put out of action and another 4,000 are taken prisoners. Henceforth, the American forces wanted to persue the German troops and to destroy them. They must also attack the white line.

On the evening of July 29, the American forces reached the villages of Cérences, Cambry, Lengronne and Saint-Denis-le-Gast. The 2nd Armored Division attacks in the direction of Percy.

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