Thursday, August 3rd, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

The fighting which took place east of Avranches continued and the Americans reached the environs of the town of Mortain which is one of the major points of the German resistance in this region. Hitler is preparing a “last chance” operation and wants to attack American forces north-east of Mortain with as many units as are still available. German generals were then in charge of assembling aircraft and tanks, although the means were very insufficient.
For its part, the 3rd Army of general Patton progresses very quickly in Brittany and his soldiers reach the lines of German defenses of the city of Rennes.

Commonwealth forces are still fighting fiercely in operation Bluecoat. The front line advances only very slowly in favor of the British who face the Panzer S.S. divisions of the Western Panzergruppe commanded by General Eberbach. On July 3rd, the first elements of the Belgian group commanded by Colonel Jean Piron embarked in England and prepared to cross the English Channel. They are now tasked with supporting the 1st Canadian Army of General Crerar east of Caen.

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